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Keratin / Nail Extensions

You need: about 80-120 extension strands for a full extension, heating plier, hair clips, protective plate and a pin comb.


1. First, you cut of about 30% of the keratin / nail tip to avoid awkward uncomfortable extensions in the head. Wash your hair with a deep cleansing shampoo to remove grease and styling residue, then dry hair thoroughly. Divide your hair, start with the first line about 2 cm from the neck. Always work with straight and fine lines.


2. Take a loop of the hair about 2 cm behind the hairline to avoid visible extensions. Pull the loop through the protective plate. Place a nail extension under the loop you just picked and then melt with heat iron.


3. Squeeze and form the keratin directly by using the index finger and thumb, pinch until the keratin hardens again. Be sure to press the keratin properly to avoid air or vacuum in the keratin tip. The shape should be like a grain of rice.


4. Continue placing extensions along the entire line. Next, take a new line about 1-2cm above the previous and continue in the same way. Remember to always keep 1-2 cm inside hairline. For thin to normal hair about 2-3 lines are needed in the neck, thick hair needs about 4-5 lines.


Keratin are removed with a remover gel, apply a dollop on the tip and crush it with a plier. Extensions with keratin lasts about 3 months if proper care and insertion.


Note! It is very important to follow the care instructions carefully. Do not use oily products like balm before the start of the extension. Hair should be freshly washed with a deep cleansing shampoo before.


BeautyNet.se tips! You can also use a wide cover plate with 10 holes where you attach the plate to the parting, then pull the loops through the holes and make the same manner as described above.


Keratin Refill

Make your own keratin extensions, choose between a weft, or recycle old extensions that you replace new keratin on.


We recommend you to prepare all the loops with keratin glue before attaching the hair, this will facilitate the work. Calculate and prepare as many loops as you intend to use/need.


1. You can make all the extensions first, or as you attach them. To facilitate the process, we recommend you digest all the glue in a Melting Pot and then dip each loop into the glue to create a new keratin tip.


2. Follow the instructions for keratin extensions. Do exactly the same way as explained there.


Note! Sustainability in refil method is not as good as the keratin extensions with ready mounts.



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