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FAQ About Hair Extensions


Can you dye synthetic hair?

No, unfortunately you can not dye synthetic hair. We recommend that you colour your own hair first and then buy the extension to match. All coloring / chemical treatment is done at your own risk.


Is it possible to use straightening or curling irons on synthetic hair?

We do not recommend heated styling tools on synthetic hair even if it is possible to straighten or curl at approximately 150-180 degrees. If you absolutely insist on styling the hair with heated tools then you should do it with swift even movements to minimize the risk of damage through melting.


How long will micro ring or keratin extensions last?

Under normal circumstances your hair extensions should last between 2  to 4 months, depending on your own hair and the care taken with the extension. On average keratin extensions will last approximately 3 months.

Will an extension damage my natural hair?

Any extension will cause minor wear to your natural hair, although if you are cautious and careful in management it will minimize this effect. It is very important that you attach the extension(s) correctly.


Which method is the most gentle to extend your hair with?

Keratin is the most gentle method for permanent extension. If you want long hair on special occasions we recommend Clip & Go Extensions that you attach and remove as you wish.
How long hair is 20"?

1" (inch) corresponds to 2.54 cm.

20" (inch) is approx 50cm long. 24" is about 60cm.


How much hair is used on an extension?

One package contains approximately 110 grams of hair which is  ample to produce a more thick luxurious look. If you already have very thick hair you will need 2 packets. If you would like to do a full extension with keratin you will need approximately 100-150 loops depending on the desired result and thickness. For normal hair we recommend approximately 100 loops.

How wide is a weft?

A weft is approximately 1.2 meters wide.


What does remy hair mean?

Remy hair means that all strands are oriented correctly and that all peaks are in the same direction which reduces clutter for a smoother look..


What is the difference between Indian and Asian hair?

Asian hair is often more coarse than Indian hair but the quality depends on how healthy your own hair is from the beginning. It also depends on the treatment processes and substances used in the manufacture of the Extensions. It is therefore extremely important that the factories are using the right methods, techniques and production materials. This requires modern machinery, equipment and knowledge.

Can I use straightening & curling irons on natural hair extensions?

Absolutely, but as with your own hair it will be damaged faster so do not use them more often than necessary. You should also always use heat protection products prior to straightening/curling.


Can you dye natural hair extensions?

We do not recommend coloring or any other chemical treatment on your extension as it has already been processed. Any coloring or chemical treatment is at your own risk. Colour instead your own hair first and then order the extension that matches your new colour.


How do I know which colour I should order?

Always expect some differences in the color when you see hair in real life than on the computer screen. We have two options to assist you:


• Email a picture of your own hair colour with a high resolution in order for us to make the closest match possible. Our address is info@beautynet.se

• Order or borrow our colour ring that shows all nuances.

Why is the colour I bought different than on your website?

Please note that all screens and cameras have different resolutions and contrast. This can in turn show a slightly different shade than in reality.


What length of hair is required before I can add an extension? 

To get a nice result you should have at least 15cm and preferably a little chopped hair which will blend nicely and look natural. Remember to cut out the ends to remove sharp and visible lines.

There are many companies that sell hair extensions, why should I choose you?

We have hair and accessories for all requirements and budgets. We only sell hair extensions from Poze which has its own factories with modern technology and expertise. Poze guarantee the high quality of their products. We also promise you a safe and secure e-commerce. BeautyNet.se has the most extensive range of hair care and hair extensions on the market.

How do I take care of my Hair Extensions?

See the link on our website for all care information. We also send care instructions with every order. You should follow these carefully to keep your new extension(s) in the best possible condidtion.


Which products are recommended for my hair with extensions?

We recommend hair products that you buy at BeautyNet.se. L’Oreal Absolut Repair works very well for Extensions. Do not use silicone droplets. Invest in silk drops or hair oil instead. We recommend Farouk Biosilk. Always use heat protection before blow-drying and straightening/curling.


What is meant by example 10B/8B?

10B/8B is looped hair with the colors 10B and 8B. The number in the color stands for brightness mode and the letter of the color tone. The color 8B, light brown (the higher the number, the brighter the color).

FAQ About Hair Care


Which hair products are recommended for hair extensions?

We recommend repair series from different brands. Heat Protective products and Farouk Biosilk Silk Drops. There are many good products for your extension(s) but repair series are usually the best as the extension is often highly processed and sensitive.


How often should I straighten my own hair?

As seldom as possible. Try once a week or two at most. Always use heat protection products.


What is the difference in Beautynet.se's selection of shampoos and the cheaper options available in stores?

Professional products have a much higher concentration of nourishing substances and contain much less salt and water that cause drying. We only sell professional products that are available at salons.

How often should I use conditioner?

Once a week for normal needs. If you have very worn / damaged hair you can increase your usage to twice a week.


Which hair care brand is best?

All the products we sell are of exceptionally high quality. However, you must find the product that works best for you and your type of hair.

Should I wash my hair everyday?

No, it rips and dries out the hair as it washes away the necessary fats and natural oils. Try washing it every three days.


What should I do about my greasy hair?

Find suitable products. Dry Shampoo is a very good supplement that works while you clean your hair.

How do I volumize my hair?

Use the right products. For example: root lifter, salt water spray, mousse, volume powder and those alike. Apply and blow your hair dry by pointing upward to create volume from the scalp or blow dry your hair upside down. A good foundation for building volume is Volume shampoo & conditioner. Avoid greasy products like balm and conditioner around the scalp.

How can I get rid of yellow tones in my hair?

Use silver shampoo according to instructions on the bottle. For maximum effect, apply silver shampoo on dry hair and leave on for 5-15 minutes and rinse thoroughly, Look at the hair color during the treatment and rinse when you consider that the tone is good. There are also conditioners with pigments that are effective.


What should I use for my dry hair?

Cut the ends and use nutritional products for dry hair. They contain a lot of moisture that your hair needs. Use conditioner and balm. If this isn’t enough then start using a night cream and/or nourishing oils that moisturize.  


Hair loss? What to do?

There is really no product that gets the hair back, although they can slow down the loss or even stop it. Hair loss is often hereditary but in some cases can be caused by vitamin deficiency and stress. Another option is to visit your doctor for monitoring and advice.



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